I’ve been pretty quiet lately since I’ve been being recruited for a couple different jobs and noticed they were reading my blog … I know this is a personal blog and it shouldn’t affect my chances for getting a job somewhere, but then again, didn’t want to take any chances. So anyway …

I get an e-mail every day with my horoscope; sometimes it’s fitting, sometimes it’s utter bullshit. Today’s was actually somewhat insightful, though I don’t think I’ll be playing the pan flute anytime soon.

Horoscopes For Today: 4/8/2006
You’ve got some bright, shiny beginnings on your horizon. Is it a new love? A new interest or passion? A new love of your work? Whatever the shiny sparkling bundle of newness and excitement is, you’re going to tingle all over at the prospect of putting it out into the world. So if it’s love, write a poem and set it to a tune played on a pan flute. If it’s work, do the work equivalent of composing a pan flute accompaniment for a poem.

So as some of you know, I took the job in Monroe working as a consultant for Custom Business Solutions and on-site at Hilgraeve. Custom made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I had to forego Accenture’s recruiting efforts for the Unix job in Phoenix. Phoenix would have been nice, definitely a change of pace from Michigan … but I think working in Monroe and living in downtown Ann Arbor will be just as good. A good way to spend the last of my 20s at least. I’ll be 26 this year and I feel like I’m getting old … soon enough I’ll have to get serious about a relationship and find someone to have a family with. But, all in due time … I’m in no hurry to get married and do the family thing.

For now I’ll start thinking about how to get into my new job and start impressing people. I’m sure I can get in there and make some good moves for myself and the company. I’m really excited about it … looks like being laid off from VIA/HP was a blessing in disguise.

I think I’ll start preparing for my new job soon, getting myself refreshed by studying up on Linux clusters, backup procedures, disaster recovery, IT policy, etc etc etc. Should be fun, then I get to start my Master’s program in the beginning of May.

It’s crazy to think how different my life will be a month from now. Pretty exciting, actually.