so i finally got bored enough to crack open a book on AJAX (Asyncronous JavaScript and XML) I’ve had for awhile. i started playing around with it, and got some decent results on my front page. if you go back there (main page) click the quote box next to the random word, or the image box next to the 4 random images, and it’ll refresh the word or photos without having to reload the page. fun, huh? well, i thought so anyway … then again, i’m a geek.

and for years i’ve been hearing that TABLE tags are evil in HTML, and with the use of AJAX I figured I may as well move up in the world and get rid of TABLEs too. so i redid the front page using DIV tags. worked out pretty well, i think. it’s still pretty plain, and i got rid of the self-aggrandizing left side of the page, but oh well. i’m sure my ego is big enough that i’ll put another picture of myself on there soon enough.

AJAX was surprisingly simple to learn … i thought it would take me awhile, but i simply skimmed the first few chapters of “Foundations of AJAX” and copied some of the code, and it all fell together. good times.

oh, and i decided i wouldn’t go to sleep at all tonight. i need to throw my sleep cycle right-side-up so i can function next week when i start my new job.