saturday night was crazy … i’ve never seen as many people at the club as i did that night. at least 12 people i knew from both high schools i went to, college, and people i knew from afterward were there.

the strangest part of it all was seeing my ex-gf Mary’s ex-best friend, whom I saw a couple weeks ago at the Post. last time, she was sober and all there ……. this time, she was asking me where Mary was. lol. it was sort of surreal. i reminded her i hadn’t been dating Mary for years, and when i finally drove that home, she made sure to tell me never to get back with her. uhhh, right. all this with dead stoned eyes. maybe that’s why i never did drugs … it just makes you act stupid and do completely retarded and embarassing things, like ask people where their ex-gf’s are when they haven’t seen them in over a year.

so anyway, after being told about how bad and crazy my ex-gf is (thanks, but i knew :D), i had a great time.

i even asked a girl for her number! *gasp*

it’s okay, someone i knew from a few years ago … i’m going to call her on tuesday and feel it out a bit. i’m afraid of getting involved in a relationship, though … i seem to take breakups pretty hard for some reason. oh well, if it’s worth having, it’s worth going through a bit of pain for.