Cleaning up the MySpace blog and moving a couple entries to here. I haven’t written much in the past weeks but my holiday was good. Seems like a lot of people from high school were home for the holidays and everyone wanted to hang out. Most people are doing well, all of them with girlfriends and some with wives/husbands … some even with kids! Haha, imagine that. I didn’t go to work all week last week, opting instead to stay home and spend time with family and friends that were around. It was good to see everyone, but I feel guilty about not going to work at all. Been acting a little too much like Peter Gibbons from Office Space lately and just ‘not showing up’. But, luckily, I have an awesome job and situation at the moment where I can do that. If they decide to hire me on full time at CSC, no more of that, but contracting isn’t _too_ terrible (except for the lack of health benefits).

Anyway, here are the MySpace posts I’ve deleted; it’s interesting to see what state of mind I was in back then …

car accident last night

i’m too lazy to write about it right now, so i’ll post what Rebecca wrote about it.

Jeremy’s performance [@ Bleu] kicked ass. Had tons of fun dancing for hours… then WHAM! We were in a nasty collision on Southfield (after we ate… thank goodness). It sucked… Matt’s beautiful car is smashed and the other guys car is even worse. I got hurt we were in the hospital all night. No one was hurt bad THANK GOD – but no one drove their car home either… the tow trucks were working hard this morning for sure. I have bruised ribs and a strained neck, Matt has a lovely goose egg on his head and pain in his leg (ah, the battle scars)… damn airbags didn’t deploy – what’s up with that Ford? I’m on good drugs and can’t drive for a couple of days

Bruised ribs suck… can’t do anything cuz it all hurts! So I’ll take some really good pain medicine and go back to sleep, I guess. And thanks a million to Wes and Brandon for being troopers and picking us up from the scene and waiting it out at the hospital with us. I have no clue what happened… it was all so fast… I must say that, yes, I do remember screaming like a little girl while we were spinning out though. Sorry Matt, if you have an earache from that

shiny happy people…

Sunday, May 06, 2007

…frighten me. the world is _not_ full of sunshine and happiness, but some people i’ve met pretend anyway. some of these people are the same that have little attention to detail, get depressed often, and so on. so what’s the point of acting all bubbly and happy ALL THE TIME? i’ve grown to have a natural distrust for people that seem to be happy all the time. it just isn’t normal …

i’ve been told to ‘smile’ a few times in the past weeks. at the time, of course, i had no reason to, and was minding my own business and deep in my own thoughts.

i’ve forgotten most of what this post was supposed to really say, considering i had these thoughts a few nights ago on the way home from somewhere.


maybe they are high on drugs.

Posted by Captain on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 2:04 AMChrises

Rumor has it that there is a direct link between “bubbly” syndrome and crabs…i don’t know! it’s crazy! it’s nuts!

Posted by Chrises on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 6:56 PM