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Before I get all the comments about how DailyKos is usually a “left wing propaganda tool”*, this is actually a very good article on the recent HB Gary Federal (a federal contractor in “IT Security”) scandal in which one of their employees tried to infiltrate Anonymous. The fallout of that fiasco was that HB Gary Federal’s network was cracked (reportedly by a 16 year old girl), and 50,000+ e-mails were released.

* – which it may very well be, but I honestly don’t care about those kind of politics.

From my understanding, most of the e-mails were harmless, but as the DailyKos article mentions, some government agencies actually went for a “Persona Management Software”, which allowed any user of the software to create a number of drones and spray propaganda. This is highly problematic considering the hoards of misinformed masses latching on to FaceBook status updates, Twitter twits (yes I know it’s “tweets”), and other social media that can easily start rumors and influence public opinion.

Have a look, it’s an interesting read. And, as always, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.