Sometimes I post things on here that I realize later I don’t want everyone to read. I’ve begun marking those as private. I’m still sort of at odds as to exactly how “intimate” I’d like to make my entries here. Eventually I feel like I’m whining too much, and get disgusted with myself and either remove them or mark them as private. So, you don’t get to see those, unless you register.

Someone at work gave me a 20% off coupon for Borders yesterday, so I thought I’d use it to buy a new book to read at Borders. When I got there, I spent 30 minutes of my lunch looking for a book, finally deciding on a book of collected plays by Chekov. $12 was one of the least expensive books there, and 20% would have taken it down to under $10 … not terrible, I thought, so I went to the counter to pay. In getting there, the line was wrapped around the store, almost 30 people waiting to pay for books!

So now I remember why I always go to or to buy books and music … high prices and long waits aren’t worth saving 80% on the average by ordering from home. So, instead of paying $10 for one book, I spent around $45 for 12. Pretty good deal, I must say.

After I finish The Art of Happiness at Work, I’ll pick up one of these and start reading it. I’m looking forward to reading Jung, as I’ve only heard how good of a psychiatrist he was. You’ll also notice a few books on there by The Dalai Lama. Those should be interesting … I’m impressed so far by Howard Cutler’s description of someone so in touch with being happy that I got a few of the other books he put out.

  • Chekhov: The Major Plays (Signet Classics) Mass Market Paperback…
  • The Portable Jung (Viking Portable Library) by Jung, Carl G…
  • Man and His Symbols by Jung, Carl Gustav
  • The Undiscovered Self by Jung, C. G.
  • The Stranger (Vintage International) by Albert Camus
  • Words (Vintage) by Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Modern Man in Search of a Soul (Harvest Book) by Jung, C. G.
  • Existentialism and Human Emotions (A Philosophical Library Book)
  • An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life by The Dalai
  • The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living by Dalai Lama; Howard
  • The Art of Happiness at Work by The Dalai Lama; Cutler, Howard C.
  • How to Practice : The Way to a Meaningful Life by Dalai Lama, His