So after a bit of haggling with Comcast over their installation fees, I’m finally get Comcast installed in my apartment. Initially they wanted to charge me $70 to have someone come out, swap some wires around, and setup Comcast’s crappy e-mail and other bloatware on my system. I want to see the look on the guy’s face when I boot up Fedora Core 8 and he realizes he can’t install that crap on my system. I canceled the appointment, and much to my surprise someone else from Comcast called me the next day to “reschedule”.

Wait what? I canceled that. “Why did you cancel?” the Comcast CSR asks. In my most diplomatic tone, I say “Uhh, I wasn’t comfortable paying $70 to have someone come out and do things I could technically do myself.” So, she says, how about we only charge you $30. At this point I was ready to call and take the $70 install deal, but at $30, it sounded much better.

So soon enough I’ll be making completely useless blog entries like this one from my apartment.