Illiterate Spirit Frustrates Ouija- Board Players

The Onion | Issue 42•30

STRATTANVILLE, PAâ€â€?Late-night attempts to contact the spirit world proved more frustrating than enlightening for a slumber party of Strattanville teens Saturday when the only specter they were able to contact suffered from borderline illiteracy, sources said. The poorly educated revenant frustrated the séance participants, who quickly grew impatient with such otherworldly messages as “W-U-R-N-N-Gâ€â€?F-U-Mâ€â€?B-A-Y-O-Nâ€â€?T-H-Eâ€â€?G-R-A-V” and other hard-to-interpret information. Organizer Olivia Bamberger, 13, said they were all “embarrassed for the guy,” and finally asked the wraith to tell them the future and “sound out the big words.”