oooh, i can capitalize things in midword without using spaces!! fun. i wonder which marketing genius woke up in the middle of the night with that universally hip idea. wow, i just said hip. i should stop and get some sleep.

oh yeah, i haven’t slept yet. last night i was incredibly bored, and sitting in a pile of my own pity again. so i decided sitting around missing someone wasn’t enough, i’d go somewhere and get drunk, too. one usually helps the other; which helps the other i’ll leave to the reader to figure out.

so anyway, after driving past the usual spot in dearborn, i ended up at town pump in detroit. there were all of 9 people there before i got there, and soon after it dwindled to a morose number of 4. the bartender invited me to sit with some of her other regulars, which was nice of her. we talked, and from her description of the girls from where she went to high school (drug addicted mothers-of-three), i was able to guess out loud that she was from Taylor. she couldn’t believe it. i found it incredibly funny. “Oh my God, how did you know?” was her response to me saying “Oh, you mean Taylor”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

wow. good times.

so after that i went to greektown. somewhere i said i wouldn’t go again for awhile. i started with $90 and played $15 blackjack until i won over $1,300. then i threw it all right back to the casino, including the original $90 i started with. stupid me. i should have had someone there to tell me to quit. haha. at least i only lost a little bit of money and refrained from using the ATM. not sure if i would have been able to not use it if i lost that $90 early. silly me and my obsessive behavior. gotta quit that, among other things.

so the actual real reason i started writing this is because i installed a new plugin for my blog. yeah, i do such dorky things, revel* in them, and then post blog entries about them on my website. i am the epitome of dork. that’s why i own a shirt that says so.

oh, and Google said “they’d have to pass”. sucks for me, i have to stay in michigan a bit longer.

* – in the course of writing this, i had to make sure i was using the word revel correctly. actually, that the word even existed. this definition of it was really really funny to me: boisterous merrymaking or festivity; revelry. i boisterously merrymake when i install new plugins on my blog. LOL