From Facebook, as a response to a friend posting the YouTube video of Keith Olbermann talking about the ground zero “mosque” below:

Randy Calhoun: I do oppose racism but opposing the defacing of a memorial site is not racism. Blind hatred is wrong!! But would anyone be okay with a Hitler Statue right next door to a Holicaust Memorial? Yes! We wouldn’t think that the Jews were racist against Germans would we? There is a problem because of the circumstances. Radical islamists (and yes they do recruit and meet at mosques) killed AMERICANS (with no regard for race) there in 2001. People are not protesting a mosque for being a mosque the are protesting where they are putting it. Also interesting is how Olbermann is a Liberal (translated “Socialist”) and how the Nazis were “National Socialists”. He is a Facist if you ask me just like Hitler. Maybe he is against the extermination of a people, but he is for limiting of the rights of the INDIVIDUAL which is the only true protection of anyones Rights. (The smallest of all minorites is the individual.)

My response: ‎”He is a Facist if you ask me just like Hitler.” Are you fucking serious? Comparing a journalist to the architect of mass extermination of a people? The ignorance is amazing that you would take the leap from Liberal to “Socialist” to “Fascist” to Hitler. Take a look at so called “Socialist” countries in the free world that are doing just fine: Germany, France, much of Europe. Socialism is not evil. You may not agree with the concept, but it is not a form of government that is inherently evil. It scares you because Fox News tells you it’s bad, and combined with your ignorance of it becomes evil in your mind.

Our country was founded on religious freedom, let’s not take that away from anyone. Once they break the law, however, they will be dealt with. Don’t think for a second they won’t be under heavy scrutiny, maybe even unfairly so.

Like Keith Olbermann says, the Muslim community center (read: not Mosque) will have a culinary school and basketball court. Let them have their terrorist chefs and terrorist point guards.

And while they train these terrorists to make souflees and free throws, think of this: David Koresh and the KKK are to fundamental Christianity as Al Queda and terrorism is to Islam.