as if contributing* to the mismanagement of Katrina response wasn’t enough, Mayor Ray Nagin is making news again regarding the rebuilding of New Orleans.

(*i say contributing because others obviously had a hand in screwing it all up; i.e. first Bush appointing political crony Joseph Allbaugh, who after gaining the post appointed his college roommate Michael Brown as his deputy. the same Michael Brown who was forced out of a previous position overseeing horse shows. the man couldn’t even run a good pony show, and somehow he gets appointed as deputy head of FEMA??)

from CNN.Com:

“I don’t care what people are saying Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be chocolate at the end of the day,” Nagin said in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day speech. “This city will be a majority African-American city. It’s the way God wants it to be.”

then, facing criticism later, Naging tried his hardest to dig himself out of a hole by saying:

“How do you make chocolate? You take dark chocolate, you mix it with white milk, and it becomes a delicious drink. That is the chocolate I am talking about,” he said.

riiiiight. tailoring your comments to a holiday is one thing, but making incredibly unhelpful claims like Nagin has just serves to make him look stupid. case in point:

In his speech, Nagin also said “God is mad at America,” in part because he does not approve “of us being in Iraq under false pretenses.”

how do these people get elected? oh, that’s right … nepotism.