yesterday i went to traffic court in sterling heights … another 4 points tacked on to my record. thank you, state of michigan! from the magistrate: “If I see you in here again, you won’t have a driver’s license”. great. i let him know i had another ticket coming up in a month, and he said i probably wouldn’t have a license. let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

on the way back i made a stop at PM FP at TACOM (my old job). seeing Michelle was great … a bit akward at first, but it was great to see her smile again and she seemed genuinely happy to see me. so that made the day worthwhile …

this is where the irony comes in.

Michelle and I were talking, and she mentions she got an e-mail from SAIC, who had a position a Detroit for a Network Support Analyst. While sitting in an old co-worker’s seat back at my old office, I say “They probably mean Detroit area, could be Dearborn; you can’t come work with me!” in my weird dry sarcastic humor that often gets misunderstood.

A few minutes later, in what would seem a rehearsed sequence of events, I get a call from someone at MTC about a job. A job which when described, sounds EXACTLY like the job of the person who sits at the desk i was sitting at. So I tell Michelle, who caught me with my pants down and reused my words against me: “You can’t work with me!”. Damn you, woman, for letting me … well, nevermind that.

I don’t believe in fate, but it just seems like an incredibly eerie set of circumstances and luck that would lead me to be sitting in the chair of the person whose (I assume) I would be taking.

Now comes the hard part … the work isn’t exactly what I am great at doing. Brian is one hell of a graphic designer, and I’d have to fill those shoes. The database part of it would be a lot of fun … as long as I could get it FAR FAR away from Access. AKO wouldn’t that great to do, but for the numbers I was told … I’ll do it. At least then I could be near my baby again (the backup server). lol

And, I could take the FP Database project and implement the code to keep things working well. THAT would be a lot of fun … development again! But then we’d have to buy our own server, instead of … nevermind, project details that are probably boring.

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