i’m not the biggest rap fan, but i liked obie trice’s first CD Cheers. it was real, and didn’t have any of the bullshit bling bling and “buy out the bar” type music. good to see he’s okay, he makes some real music, even if it didn’t appeal to mass audiences. it takes some 50 Cent “In the Club” type shit to sell any music these days …

Rapper Obie Trice Shot on Detroit Freeway

Sat Dec 31, 8:44 AM ET

Obie Trice was shot early Saturday while driving on a city highway, police said. Trice, a Detroit native and protege of Eminem, was on the Lodge Freeway at about 1:10 a.m. when his vehicle was shot at by someone in another car, said Michigan State Police Sgt. Mario Gonzales.

Trice managed to continue driving and exited the freeway in the suburb of Southfield, where his girlfriend, who also was in the vehicle, flagged down police, Gonzales said. The girlfriend wasn’t wounded.

He was taken to Providence Hospital, where he was treated and released, said hospital spokesman Brian Taylor.

There were no suspects in the shooting, which was under investigation by state police detectives, Gonzales said.

Trice has performed on Eminem records and with 50 Cent. His 2003 debut album “Cheers” was produced by Eminem, and he also had a small part in the feature film “8 Mile.”