so apparently more than a few professors use the same slides for master’s degree classes. must be nice to simply copy and paste an entire semester’s worth of slides and ‘teach’ a course. right now i’m taking cis556, database theory, and in trying to do the homework, i started to search around for better explanations of the material we’re covering.

guess what i found …….. slides all over the web that look EXACTLY like the slides our professor is using. diagrams and all.

so if he’s doing this with our slides, why shouldn’t i do the same with the homework? hmm… amazing how i’m spending almost $2,000 on this class but all i’m really getting is copy & pasted slides. #1 is from the Computer Science department at SUNY. #2 is from Wayne State. #3 is from another more hard to spell place in NY. wtf? guess i’ll just copy & paste the solutions if i can find them.