So naturally, I was excited to see that Zimbra Desktop was released by Yahoo! just recently. Shortly after the download, however, I was kind of pissed to see that 64 bit wasn’t supported yet.

“Can’t be done”, say the message boards. I hate hearing that. You know 100 years ago there was no such thing as a computer, so anyone telling me I can’t do something this relatively simple gets to me. With that said, I struck out to find out which packages I needed to install to get this beast to work.

bash-3.2$ sudo yum install libXext*.i386 glibc*.i686 libstdc++*.i386 xulrunner.i386

Now I wouldn’t recommend anyone else do this, because it installs a ton of 32bit packages, which has the potential to complicate your file system and put all kinds of random libraries you don’t really need into your installation. But, it gets Zimbra to work, so who cares.

Unfortunately I think with sudo access, the installer fails and tells you that it can’t be run as root or as anyone that is in the root group (I’m assuming they mean ‘wheel’ for sudo access, but whatever).

So……… had to create another regular user account and run the Zimbra as that user (no sudo, root, or any other administrative type access).

And now … it works! Time to test it out. More on that later.