…frighten me. the world is _not_ full of sunshine and happiness, but some people i’ve met pretend anyway. some of these people are the same that have little attention to detail, get depressed often, and so on. so what’s the point of acting all bubbly and happy ALL THE TIME? i’ve grown to have a natural distrust for people that seem to be happy all the time. it just isn’t normal …

i’ve been told to ‘smile’ a few times in the past weeks. at the time, of course, i had no reason to, and was minding my own business and deep in my own thoughts.

i’ve forgotten most of what this post was supposed to really say, considering i had these thoughts a few nights ago on the way home from somewhere.

on a completely unrelated note, i had 549 comments in moderation for my blog. all of them spam. i hate spammers.