Back during Christmas, I took the plunge and ordered an XBox 360 from Overstock.Com. I hate Microsoft, so it took me a while to come to this decision. But, Overstock had a 10% off coupon which brought the system and 2 games to ~$310. So I entered my info, clicked the order button, and away my money went.

A couple weeks passed, and of course in the rush to buy Christmas presents (many for myself, one each for my parents) I got a lot of boxes in the mail. After picking up about 6 boxes from the clubhouse of my apartment complex, I eventually got to looking at them all. Hmm.

2 from Amazon.Com. Okay, one was a LCD Alarm clock I bought to replace the one I’ve had for about 15 years. The other was the digital picture frame I bought for my mom (see my review of that pile of crap here).

Another was the fit PC I bought that arrived all the way from Israel. Neat little thing, but it recently crapped out and won’t boot any more.

So, now that I’ve laid out all the things I haven’t been lucky with lately, which is more than I realized when I started writing this, I get to the good news.

Overstock sent me 2 boxes. Ok, I thought, they probably just didn’t bundle something for the XBox that should have came in the package, and instead sent it separately. So I open the first box, and of course there is a full XBox bundle with the Forza and Marvel Alliance games. I open the second, and guess what … there’s another XBox bundle. Pretty sweet, I got one for free. This couldn’t be, right? Surely Overstock accidentally sent 2 and billed me for 2. Maybe I clicked the order button twice. To I go to check my card statement. Hmm … only one charge.

Ok, so maybe they will realize what happened and eventually bill me for the second. Not likely, considering both UPS tracking numbers AND Overstock order numbers were identical in and on both boxes. Someone really screwed up, to my benefit.

So in my unending commitment to ethical behavior, I called Overstock and demanded they charge me for both.

Ok, not really. I kept one and after an unsuccessful eBay listing for the free one, returned only one of them for a full refund. So basically I got an XBox 360 for free.

The other day I bought a couple games online from Half.Com. Call of Duty 4 and Skate. Both awesome games. Skate was the reason I wanted a LCD TV in the first place, so I could play the game and others in all of their splendor.

Today I came home, after having received Skate about a week ago in the mail, to find another copy waiting for me in the mailbox. I remember accidentally adding two copies of Skate to my cart (from two different sellers on Half.Com), but removing one. Somehow Half.Com only billed me for one, but sent money to two sellers. Strange, but now I have a decent copy of Skate and one with a screwed up case (the one I got today). Oh well … lucky me, I guess.