last week was pretty interesting. while at starbucks i noticed a flyer for a Toys for Tots event at the sushi bar / techno club Oslo in Detroit. i’ve always wanted to check the place out, and was pleasantly surprised at the prices and the quality of the food. it’s right up there with little tree in royal oak food-wise, but was a bit smaller and as a result seemed crowded. the event itself was pretty much a bust; i think my figher plane-robot Transformers knock-off was the only toy in there, but oh well. it’s nice to be on the other side of the Toys for Tots events; instead of collecting the toys or accepting awards in uniform, actually giving back in a different way.

as for the club, it was really small; a couple small rooms with black painted wooden walls and dim red lights in the ceiling. the music was different, ranging from 80s hip hop one song to female-vocalized techno the next. needless to say, i didn’t end up staying there long … i already felt strange there by myself and the people there all seemed to know each other and weren’t socializing much.

friday night, met mr. dudlets and Olie (sp?) , his German intern friend from work in Royal Oak. we watched the Pistons spank Chicago and had a few beers. later i headed back to Dearborn for the usual bar scene … they were tired and went home, so i ended up hanging out by myself and people watching again. those drinks kinda snuck up on me.

after sleeping off a hangover all day saturday, saturday night it was the Under the Hill’s (Mensa Special Interest Group) monthly gathering, held this month at a member’s house in Royal Oak. from sac-free underwear to a transvestite making really weird jokes, the night was freakish, yet entertaining.

only after i got home and had something to eat did i realize why my energy level was so low; i hadn’t eaten anything all day. too late, i had to get to bed for work in the morning … luckily i couldn’t sleep most of the night, as i had set my alarm for 530pm instead of 530am. my only saving grace was my insomnia and constantly checking the clock …

pictures, as always, are here