another 3.5 hours to go … and i’m bored out of my mind. poinsettas and wreaths are now being put up around the ops bridge … i guess i could find something negative about that, but i’ll be cheery about it instead. did my sincerity fool you? at least it adds some color to the place … otherwise it would just be grey and dark …

i’m pretty sleepy, and there’s nothing going on today, so being bored + being sleepy isn’t a good mix.

as i sit here there are three TVs on the wall, each on a different channel. on the left i see Fox News and John Kerry execute the sloppiest excuse for a salute i’ve ever seen. it seems like he just cupped his hand and threw it up there to cover the sun from shining in his eyes. sad.

in the middle there is a child bumbling around innocently in the snow. yep, it’s snowing here in michigan … which means i get to slide around a lot on the roads and will be driving in the morning with a ton of snow on my car (i know i’ll be too lazy/tired to wipe it off in the mornings).

in the course of writing this, the content has changed. now on the middle screen the abomination of all commercials is showing. a fat spiky-haired white guy is rapping into a Nokia phone. “it’s your stuff in here”, the ad says. but all the while i see that clown on TV nodding his head and making an ass of himself i feel like i’m gonna vomit. and i’m not totally sure why … maybe it’s just the white castle i had for lunch. lol. no, i’ve always had a general feeling of disgust for that ad.

and on the third, the Detroit Lions. losing. again. nothing new there …

just glancing by in the middle screen, i see the temperature for San Diego. 64°. wow, i’m jealous.