goes to…………………..

halle barry!!!

for doing what i see at the club 98% of the time i go there.

c’mon, girls, don’t act like it’s something special. you all have titties. some are bigger than others. some are not. some, may be non-existant. if they don’t look like mosquito bites, you’re fine.

once an ex thought it was a HUGE deal breaker because she had small boobs. when, in fact, her body was great. another once thought one of the reasons i liked her was her boobs were big. :|

and another thing: we know they’re there. you don’t need to: 1. bounce them around to show them off, 2. wear revealing clothing to get attention, or 3. EVER bring them up in conversation, or especially when telling me that’s why you think I like you (you know who you are). that just makes you look stupid.