i went to Vegas this past weekend and blew a month’s worth of salary. for whoever is reading this (specially my parents), i don’t want to hear about it. it was clearly the dumbest thing i’ve ever done … so this is the part where i swear off of gambling and don’t waste another dollar in a casino for a few years. at least i got it out of my system for a little while …

other than that the trip was fun. i stayed at the monte carlo the first night, then MGM Grand the next two. i got a rental car, god knows why. wait, i know why. i was dicking around with Priceline.Com and entered $30 for a convertible. so my choices were between the PT cruiser and a Miata. a Miata. hahahahahahahahaha. so i got the somewhat less gay car, and it was a piece of shit compared to 21st century standards for an American automobile. everything felt like cheap plastic, like a mometary fit of rage and a punch to the dashboard would not only crack the shell, but also break other essential parts of the vehicle. needless to say i didn’t cruise around much in it. honestly, i only drove the damn thing 19 miles overall in the 3 nights i was there.

so anyway, there’s more stories to tell about it, like my roommate disappearing for 18 hours, losing a shitload of money, singing Sinatra with a Blackjack dealer, and hearing his stories about the Playmate-turned-interior-designer who had huge saggy boobs that rubbed the carpet when she was on all fours. oh, and her nipples were as big as a nearby (7″ in diameter, I’m guessing) ash tray, he pointed out.

i’m exhausted … it’s 110 something out with heat index, and i think i’m gonna take a nap.