I’m kind of annoyed by this clown’s recent quote when asked his preference on Red Wings or Penguins for the Stanley Cup. His response was:

“I don’t think anybody really watches hockey any more.”

Allow me to translate:

“I play a sport in which people carry my clubs for me. My practices consist of swinging a long skinny club at a tiny ball. But somehow people line up to watch me ‘play’.”

Another actual quote from Tiger:

“Oh, yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of grief over that,” Woods said. “I love the sport. I love watching it, but I don’t like watching it on TV. In person it’s absolutely incredible, what they’re able to do and what they can do. TV doesn’t do justice to that. But then, a lot of sports are the same way.

“I said what I said and I was trying to be funny about it, but people didn’t perceive it that way.”

Seriously, golf may be enjoyable, and gentlemanly (in other words, a bunch of elitist pricks), but I cannot respect anything that comes out of the mouth of a multi-millionaire who made his fortune in a “sport” in which the hardest breathing is done over morning breakfast. “Oh, but they have to walk a lot”. Fuck you, my grandmother walks a lot. This doesn’t mean she’s an athlete.

Until you can take a 30+ MPH puck to the face like Ryan Malone (video), or a skate to the mouth (Dan Cleary, Game 4 I think) and continue to compete in a man’s game, go sit in the clubhouse, sip an Arnold Palmer, and shut your fucking mouth Tiger Woods.

Quoted from here

Editorial note: I’ve been swearing a lot lately. In case you haven’t noticed…