Ok, so I’ll get the excuses out of the way first.  I was up til about 1230AM last night and got up this morning at 6AM to babysit an e-mail that was going out to ALL of our e-mail users at work (~80k), so I was tired.  Also, I saw that the top scorer finished today’s challenge in 5 minutes and some change (ridiculous).

Obviously I wasn’t paying attention, because in the script we were supposed to write, I completely forgot to untar a file and put the contents where they should go.  I figured I would get some credit for installing the packages, copying config over to where it belonged, etc etc, but I got a whopping goose egg and am stuck at 118th.  Oh well, my heart wasn’t in it at all tonight.

I will be gettting a t-shirt for my 12th place finish on Day 2, however, so I have that going for me.  :P