legace just couldn’t do it … by his own admission, he couldn’t get his play up to ‘playoff standards’. then again, our defense left Hemsky wide open for the 4th goal and what proved to be the nail in the coffin for the series. it was a well fought 6 games, and very entertaining to watch. all arguments aside about the obvious kick in for the 3rd goal by Edmonton, the game was a decent one, though it ended poorly. Wings had some steam with 2 goals in the first two periods, keeping Edmonton shut out til then. then, somehow, we managed to let Edmonton (or less negatively, Edmonton managed to) score 4 goals in the 3rd. sad state of affairs.

as much as I’d like to see Yzerman play a few more games, i think he’s done for. besides the great play, making Stevie one of the Stars of the Game was what seemed a symbolic going away from a team and city proud of their hockey heritage. here’s to a great career, and a great retirement to a man that will always be a legend in the National Hockey League and the city of Detroit.