So I built a new machine, AMD Quad Core (old one but whatever, better than my 4400+), 4GB RAM, etc etc. Installed Fedora 10 64bit, and transferred over my entire World of Warcraft directory from my previous machine.

Next step was to install CrossOver Games, which recently released a new version based on new code for Wine (the Windows emulator for Linux). Unfortunately, this version hasn’t been working on Fedora 10 since the OS’s release a while back. Understandable, Fedora 10 had a ton of issues way back when it was first released. Seems to be pretty stable now, so hopefully a fix will be worked on by CodeWeavers (developers of the CrossOver products).

Anyway, the following is a short guide on how I got it to work with the 32bit RPM provided by CodeWeavers.

yum install wine libXi.i386 libXmu.i386 libXpm.i386 libXt.i386 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i386

Okay, so after all of that, Wine crashes on a regular basis with “failed to reserve” memory range errors. I give up (for now).