… that we don’t know how to ask? well, this one is not a question i really had … so i’m wondering what it’s an answer to.

i had a dream last night, after going to bed at 9pm, that my ‘sister’ met some guy at a gas station and brought him home as her boyfriend. of course i didn’t agree, and after a few confrontations, he kidnapped my grandmother. another thing that just hit me about the dream is that i never really saw his face.

my ‘sister’ doesn’t exist, except for in the afterlife if something like that does exist. my grandmother still does, though …

then i woke up, missing Michelle a lot. that hasn’t happened in a long time, but it was the same way i used to wake up missing Mary. it probably didn’t help that last night that i looked at her MySpace again after avoiding it for about 5 months. stupid me.