for a long time i’ve rolled around the idea of ‘the numbers game’ when it came to dating. now, i’m not a fan of dating to begin with, but this whole concept of first talking to as many women as possible, then dating as many women as possible, just to find the right one, is insulting to anyone with standards. tonight i had a deep discussion with someone of the opposite sex who also saw through all of the bullshit. someone who felt my pain. someone who confirmed the opposite gender’s view on my roommates approach to meeting women.

the type of women i want to be associated with aren’t the type that are going to fall for the same bullshit i’ve been witnessing these guys put forth for the past year. now i know why i felt it so unnatural and against my being to hear about ‘the numbers game’ in the first place.

in other news, i played a different kind of numbers game this evening. i sent text messages to two ex-gfs i missed that second in the grand scheme of things. i hadn’t had their phone numbers in my phone for a very long time (mary over a year, and michelle almost 6 months), but i remembered both for some stupid reason. or at least i think that was michelle’s number. only response i got back was “huh”. so whatever. i’ll reiterate the messages anyway.

—names removed to protect the innocent—

there’s much more to say about tonight and life in general, but i need some sleep.