So yeah. I basically hosed both my home system and my workstation at work. Apparently Fedora 9 uses a prerelease version of X (1.499999999 something ridiculous) that uses some ABI crap I’ve never heard of. Anyway, I use nVidia drivers both at home and at work, and now both are trashed. So at work, I’m stuck with the Sun Java GUI, which sucks ass. At home, I’m stuck with a PC I don’t even want to try and use, because of the problems I’ve had at work. Great job, Fedora Project, I’ve lost major faith in you.

So hopefully the X foundation comes out with the full release of 1.5 soon, so I can actually break out of that crappy UNIX keyboard at work that has the CTRL and Caps Lock keys transposed. I’m tired of typing “LS” and having the OS think I’m an idiot.

Enough IT crap, the rest of (another acronym) DEMF should be fun tomorrow, which by the way I missed a day of because I was stuck cleaning an apartment tonight for people that didn’t show up.