it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything … oct. 14th to be exact.

thanks to whoever posted that last comment on my page, it’s nice to see someone other than my parents read this. haha.

so a status update is what you want? okay …….

well, i live in Royal Oak now. got a place of my own. still don’t capitalize first words in sentences, and all in all i’m loving life. this huge apartment gets a little boring sometimes with no furniture in it, but it’s nice to come home and be able to pee with the door open.

my job in Sterling Heights has been going really well … soon i’ll probably do an update regarding some PHP coding with Code Igniter and Mootools. i noticed there weren’t many tutorials out there for Code Igniter pagination done with AJAX, so that’s my next step in a project i’m working on at work, after i import a bunch of their pre-existing data into my current database layout. fun stuff for a geek like me.

that’s about it for now … oh. one more thing. i noticed allthingsdork has put up a link to this blog. thanks!