a ton of star trek: tng episodes on youtube. good find for dorks like me

ok, so this post has been a rehash of some funny stuff i saw on digg tonight. lol

wtf? lol

cagesubmit10.jpgBaby Cage
My aunt prefers her German Shepherds to newborns. Luckily, with this new baby cage, her doggie comparison is more accurate then ever. The baby cage is a metal confinement similar to the home of a pet hamster, mouse, rat, or any basic creature of the gerbil family. The great news is that this company offers sweet accessories for your beloved’s cage such as cedar chips for cage lining, a baby blanket held together with silver duct tape, a bottle that is shoved through the metal prongs of the cage with a stainless steel sipping nozzle, and feeder that looks like Fido’s bowl.
BabyCage.net, Inc.

okay, i just visited the site babycage.net and it has to be a joke. everything from the faux-patriotism to the “same engineers that design the cages hand craft them” lines leads me to believe it’s not actually real. let’s just hope so … removing the link for moral reasons.