If only I had Shakespearean verbal grace of “BigLee” …

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Wow, and just a few minutes later I find the comments below, which are even funnier than that gem above.

Friaka Says:

“I’m a sucker for a woman that’s …. a woman” should’ve been the exact quote

  • Christina Says:

    seriously….? lmao

  • Ryan Says:

    yeah, I know lots of women who have the hots for elmer fudd.
    if only he was interested in hunting wabbits.

  • KentuckyFriedLesbian Says:

    Now we all know why there are lesbians…

  • Assman Says:

    Speech impediments are sooooo funny – good job.

  • Eric Says:

    This dude is brutal but there’s also a ton of whacked out women in Chicago who have these On Demand videos on Comcast. It’s always entertaining watching these stupid drunk bimbos talking about how sweet they are while dressed like a hooker and falling off their chair drunk.

  • missmittins Says:

    oh dear god i spewed out my coffe when he said goth like i am O.o

    this is so brutal . but yet it is like road kill i can’t stop laughing or watching

  • ken Says:

    did that dude have some sort of lip cleft or what that like a mustache or something? and this is brutal, i wanna see the other women he has dated

  • Joe Says:




  • andrew Says:

    I felt a little bit bad watching it, but at the same time, who doesn’t like tying women up after the symphony?