(10:06:09) Co-worker: i was right! rock on me!
(10:06:20) Me: yeah, a big freaking rock right on you
(10:06:23) Me: lol
(10:06:25) Co-worker: haha
(10:06:44) Me: a comma would have helped you out, there, and saved you from a giant boulder landing on your head
(10:06:53) Me: but oh well, just throw out punctuation and see what happens?
(10:07:12) Co-worker: lol
(10:07:15) Co-worker: shut it
(10:08:02) Co-worker: ok…i just want “upgrade,” correct, Mr. Moldvan?
(10:08:30) Me: yeah
(10:09:03) Co-worker: ty
(10:10:14) Co-worker: you never wanted to be a teacher growing up, did you?
(10:10:32) Me: hell no
(10:10:37) Co-worker: lol
(10:10:51) Me: i figure stuff out myself and expect others to, also
(10:10:52) Me: haha
(10:10:55) Co-worker: but you are so patient and encouraging
(10:11:10) Me: yeah, i try
(10:11:14) Co-worker: riiiiiiiiiiiiiight
(10:11:23) Co-worker: there was a hint of sarcasm there
(10:11:35) Me: and…….right back atcha, but you missed it
(10:11:45) Co-worker: lol
(10:11:47) Me: guess no one taught you countersarcasm
(10:11:57) Co-worker: lmao…i just….ugh..nm
(10:12:36) Co-worker: LOL
(10:12:43) Co-worker: you’re a jackass
(10:12:49) Me: my new most favoritest away message ever
(10:12:56) Me: lol
(10:12:59) Me: i’m posting it on my blog
(10:13:00) Me: yay
(10:13:09) Co-worker: that’s fine…it is so ON, now!