The lyrics below pretty much sum up why I don’t follow any particular religion: all of them think they’re invariably right and refuse to accept other viewpoints and beliefs, whether vaguely or by outright saying so. Christianity: “Don’t believe in Christ as your ‘personal Lord nad saviour’? You’re going to hell.” Or as in the Qu’Ran (Koran), [2:39] “And (as to) those who disbelieve in and reject My Ayat
(Signs), they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide.”

So what basis does any one particular religion have to say I’m going to ‘burn in eternal fire’ if I don’t accept their religion? It all seems to childishly manipulative to scare someone into religious beliefs, and that’s what seems to happen with most organized religions. Classic psychological games of rewards for good behaviour (divine favor and the idea of Heaven) and punishments for lack thereof (the idea of Hell). If Heaven & Hell are such permanent and verifiably true, why would they change so much throughout human history? What I mean is, why would the Greeks believe in multiple gods, while we now believe in only one? Why would Native American Navajo have a different idea of creation than the Alaskan Natives, for example? That’s because it’s all a system of elaborate stories, all with some merit to each culture and people. Seeing those stories as truth or anything other than a social construct is a mark of confusion.

In any case, life should not be lived blindly as a sheep following the herd simply because it’s the way of the world. The air of democracy and individualism with which I am able to make such a statement is a social ideal and only one which could have manifested itself through the evolution of society. Much like society has evolved over the centuries, so has religion.

This brings up the question I’ve been asking for quite awhile:

Did Man create God, or did God create Man?

Take a minute to think about that; the answer may not be as simple as you have been lead to believe.

If Man created God, he has an equal possibility of existing as he does as not existing. But, that’s another story.

If God exists, we have yet to have the capacity to both understand and explain God, and we may never.

Common: G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition)

Some say that God is Black and the Devil’s White
Well, the Devil is wrong and God is what’s right
I fight, with myself in the ring of doubt and fear
The rain ain’t gone, but I can still see clear
As a child, given religion with no answer to why
Just told believe in Jesus cuz for me he did die
Curiosity killed the catechism

Understanding and wisdom became the rhythm that I played to
And became a slave to master self
A rich man is one with knowledge, happiness and his health
My mind had dealt with the books of Zen, Tao the lessons
Koran and the Bible, to me they all vital
And got truth within ’em, gotta read them boys
You just can’t skim ’em, different branches of belief
But one root that stem ’em, but people of the venom try to trim ’em

And use religion as an emblem
When it should be a natural way of life
Who am I or they to say to whom you pray ain’t right
That’s who got you doin right and got you this far
Whether you say “in Jesus name” or Hum do Allah
Long as you know it’s a bein’ that’s supreme to you
You let that show towards others in the things you do