ok, maybe, just maybe … i’m getting too old to understand fashion and my time has come to accept my fate as so many others have; still wearing their feathered hairdos and tight mom jeans and sporting mullets because they never progressed with the times.

today i loaded up yahoo!, which is set as my home page (which may change at any random second now that i saw this article). they generally have tiny blurbs that are meant to appease the reader into viewing the entire article. the particular one i saw read “Leggings on men?” and had a white, overly thin head shot of a male (of course no shot of the “leggings” because that would ruin the surprise). so i clicked it, wondering what the hell the dolces and gabbanas and calvin kleins of the world thought “men” should be wearing in 2007. not that i give a shit, i just want a reason to ridicule it through a blog post (wow, and here i am!).

so, without further delay, here it is: