Watching the show tonight (first time ever, btw) I heard around 4 Nirvana songs in the same episode (Heart Shaped Box, Something in the Way, Come As You Are, and one other I can’t remember). I like Nirvana, so I didn’t really mind it, just thought it was strange.

Oh, and a quote worked into the background of the episode … “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” –Edmund Burke.

Next show … don’t know the title. Another woman randomly gets stabbed in the first few seconds of the episode. And… there’s some people having sex. Seems pretty boring, but CBS is broadcasting in 1080i, which looks damn good on my TV.

Update: Ooh this show has Jeri Ryan in it! Not so boring anymore…oh yeah, and it’s Shark, with James Woods. Who I only know of through Family Guy. Haha. Time to see what this guy is all about. And, I just realized the sheer uselessness of this post. O well, guess it’s better than the alternative.