months since i’ve seen my parents: 2.5 or so…
walker black + cokes at the casino: ~7 i think
coronas: 1
coffees with 2 cream 2 sugar: 2
bottles of water: 2
cigarettes smoked: 8
hookers i saw on the way home from the casino: 7
bums sleeping in the street: 2
white castles eaten/ordered: 3/6
trips to ATM at MGM Grand: 2
times I was up $3,500: 1 (lost it all, took another $500 out of ATM)
times I was up $2,000: 2 (includes last one)
total winnings: $2,000
hours of sleep since i woke up yesterday: 0 (but i woke up at 3pm so i got plenty of sleep )

there’s probably more but its 4:46am…