… makes my mind race. I’m trying to finish this project for my Master’s class but now I can’t concentrate at all. Maybe a change in music is in order (currently listening to Domination’s cover of I’m Broken by Pantera). Ugh.

Update: an hour later, it seems like it’s the Vodka that allows music to have an increased affect on my mood. Example: switching from a fast song (Pantera / Throes of Rejection / from Far Beyond Driven) to a slow song immediately following it (Pantera / Planet Caravan / Same album), I can immediately feel a cool run over my body and my mind slow to adjust to the beat. I switched back to Throes of Rejection while writing that last sentence and felt my body warmth increase along with my heart rate. Switching back to Planet Caravan and trying to consciously deter the slowing effects of the beat and overall tone of the song aren’t working. I can feel myself slowing and … relaxing; singing along. Damn. This song sounds nice.

I’m not drunk, just buzzing, and it feels awesome. This song is amazing. Listen to it … either the original Black Sabbath version, or Pantera.

Meester Dudlets just called; time to head to a house party. Which means I have to finish the rest of my project tomorrow.

One more, final, update: While writing that entry, it felt epic. Now, rereading it I’m thinking: “What the eff?”

Yeah. Gotta love Saturday nights whilst not at a bar … don’t know what to do with myself, so I ramble on in the intarweb.