I had this post all written up and lost it all by absent mindedly upgrading WordPress at the same time. Which, on a side note, I’m very happy with. The automatic update seems to work pretty well now, along with updating the plugins I have installed. The process was flawless.

So anyway, this is supposed to be about travelling. Yesterday around 16:30 I barely made it to DTW for my flight. I left with plenty of time to spare, but managed to get caught in a torrential downpour; the kind that so heavily hits your windshield you can’t see more than ten feet of traffic in front of you. I guess that was going to be the least of my worries.

I managed to get on the flight, even though to automatic check in was complaining about me not being there 30 minutes prior. “You may be in luck”, said the US Air check-in employee, “they haven’t closed the flight yet”. Luck isn’t really what I would call it, in retrospect.

After a 40 minute delay in the flight time, we sat on the flight line for an hour without A/C while they refuelled the plan and got the A/C working. Forty-five minutes into our patient wait they started pulling off passengers that were headed to the west coast, because they wouldn’t make their flights. US Air claimed this was because there were no other flights for those people to their final destinations, but that worried me, too.

Long story short, I missed the connecting flight and ended up stuck in Charlotte by myself for much longer than I expected. It seems everyone else will get to San Diego before I will…

They rebooked me on a flight that left at 07:20; that is just disgustingly early after having ingested as much scotch as I did at McKoy’s the night before. McKoy’s is a pretty cool little bar within walking distance from the Sheraton hotel US Air was nice enough to let me sleep in. There is definitely some interesting local “color” there, and plenty to drink scotch-wise. Johnny Walker Black, Green, and Gold were available, and after some joking I convinced Angelo, our New Jersey-born bartender to pour my drinks extra heavy. There was definitely no shortage of alcohol in my drinks from then on.

Oddly enough, I ended up talking geek stuff in the form of Qt and Linux programming with another guy that was also stranded in the area. It was definitely an amusing experience; I even bought a McKoy’s t-shirt. lol

That shirt is now inside out as I sit with a four piece chicken snack from “BoJangles”. Yes, I’m eating chicken from a place that shares a name with an SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell and a dog. It’s not too bad, considering I only paid forty cents for it after my five dollar meal voucher from US Air.

Anyway, this post has gotten way too long; if you have my Facebook check the videos on there later; should be amusing.