being ’that guy’ … or, how i became a drunken idiot
Current mood: melancholy
Category: Life

Friday night was probably one of the worst nights I’ve had in recent memory. I’ve had some bad times before, but they are generally tame and not really a big deal … mostly involving being annoyed by the overabundance of male stupidity or female pretentiousness (or a mix thereof) in the place I’m at.

Friday night was an exception. I was ‘that guy’. And it kills me to think I got so drunk I lost control of the situation and myself after a certain point. I could barely stand, for god’s sake … and I’m usually the one that is the first to laugh when I see someone like that.

I’m mostly over feeling terrible about it, but I can’t help but think I’ve messed up something that had a lot of potential. I feel like such an idiot, because how I acted that night totally isn’t me … getting incredibly wasted and making a fool of myself (in a non-humorous, somewhat socially acceptable way) isn’t what I’m about. Must be my evil twin trying to make me look bad.

Anyway, in an attempt to be an optimist, I guess I can chalk it up to a learning experience. Lessons learned? If your body is telling you you’re exhausted after drinking with co-workers after work, don’t show up to a bar half-drunk and continue drinking like a madman. Not even if it’s someone’s birthday and against your best judgment you come anyway because someone else is there you really want to see …

Ugh. So at least it was a really nice day today and football practice was fun for a bit. Also, had a great time at Meester’s place watching Man Stroke Woman, definitely my newest favorite comedy. It’s British, and honestly it’s one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time. Short sketch comedy at it’s finest.

That feeling still lingers, though …