My current company uses GoDaddy for hosting, SSL certs, and some other services I haven’t discovered yet. A few weeks back, I was sitting at my desk while 3 of my co-workers sat on the phone talking to GoDaddy support about why our web site grinded to a halt unexpectedly. We were informed that our web site stopped working because we were on a “legacy hosting plan”. I cringed when I heard this, and luckily my co-workers put the thumbscrews on when they heard this. I laughed when I heard “Excuse me, but you’re talking to 3 technical people, and that excuse simply won’t fly with our management.” Ouch. GoDaddy customer support politely informed us that this is what their senior support people had determined with their “tools”. In my 8 years of IT experience I had never heard something so ridiculous; that a “tool” could determine that a web server died because a customer was on a “legacy hosting plan”. The only tools here were GoDaddy and their lack of technical professionalism.

So then there’s this morning. I’m struggling with setting up an SSL client certificate in Apache, and in a brief conversation with GoDaddy, was told by their customer support that the person I was talking with had “never heard of such a thing”. Wow. These guys deal with SSL certificates on a daily basis, and they’ve never heard of an SSL client certificate?!?

In conclusion, GoDaddy might be a good option for those not requiring anything too complex, but when it comes to setting up or troubleshooting something out of the ordinary, I would definitely avoid them.