Back in June I had a problem with my Maximo headset I purchased in January (see here). It seems these things have a 5-6 month use cycle, as just today I noticed the same thing that happened in June happened now: the glue separated and the wires in the earpiece are exposed again.

Let’s see how long it takes Maximo Support to get me a new pair this time …

Edit: November 8 2011

So this time it was a much quicker, thought somewhat odd process. Their support replied back, requesting that I cut the headphone wire 2 inches below the earbuds and attach a picture of the cut and accessories next to a ruler showing that I had “complied with their request”. Ok. I replied with a smart ass comment about the ruler being back near the ENIAC and the abacus, which they humored me with and took in stride.

All in all, I sent the e-mail on a Thursday, and because I had already done a return it was much quicker. I received the replacements on the following Wednesday in the mail.