Earlier this year I jumped on a Groupon deal for what was basically $35 off at http://www.maximoproducts.com, makers of relatively good quality headsets for blackberries and whatnot. I’ve been happily using the headset until today, when the glue gave way and the headset separated into two pieces (picture attached). Below is the message I sent at 12:06PM EST to support@maximoproducts.com for a replacement. This blog entry will document my experience.


On January 21st I purchased an iP-HS3 headset. I have been happily using the product and recommending it to others, until today, when I went to remove one of the earpieces from my ear and the glue gave way, causing one piece of the left side to separate and expose the internals. I have attached a picture to illustrate my issue. I was not placing undue stress on the headset, simply removing it from my ear.

I have reviewed your warranty information on your website and believe my situation qualifies for a replacement product. I would like information on how to receive a replacement of the same product.

Thank you,
Matt Moldvan.

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Date: Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 7:49 AM
Subject: Your Maxwho.com Order 11645
To: matt@matthewmoldvan.com

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Order Number: 11645
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Update (6/7/11):

Maximo support told me over the phone that they are very busy, and may take a week to respond to my RMA requests. But, according to their automated message I should receive a response within two business days. My response is below.


I haven't heard anything regarding this RMA yet ... I heard you guys are backed up with RMA requests so it may take up to a week, but the e-mail below says to e-mail if I haven't heard within two business days (today).

May I have a status?


On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 9:32 AM, wrote:

Dear Matt,
We have received your RMA Form and our customer service department will be back to you shortly. If you have not received a response from our customer service team within two business days, please respond to this email or call us at (360) 576-8047 (ext. 11).

Thank you,
Maximo Products Support

Getting a bit frustrated with only using one half of my headset …

Update (6/10/11):

Things aren’t looking so good at the moment … they are pretty busy and the autoresponse said to check in if I haven’t heard within two business days. I received a reply to the above message stating they were trying to fix the autoresponse (which isn’t that difficult actually). Still haven’t heard about the status of the RMA … >:|

Update (6/17/11):

10 days and no response … this is getting frustrating.