I’m doing a project on UDDI with PHP, but the resources available are terrible. Maybe once I get something working I’ll publish the code somewhere … for now, here are some links I shouldn’t lose.

UDDI Tutorial for jUDDI

First solution: nothing was working with jUDDI. So after a bit of scouring, I found that Java 1.6 will hose it up. Sucks, but switching to a version 1.5 I had installed fixed it. I’m running Tomcat on Winblows (have to have it installed on my laptop and no time to install Fedora Core on it yet), so it was pretty easy to change which version Tomcat starts up with. Start->Run->Programs->Apache Tomcat…->Configure Tomcat, then under the Java tab, changed the location of the Java VM binary (C:Program FilesJavajre1.5.0_11binclientjvm.dll for me). Then I finally got a valid response back at http://localhost:8080/juddi/console for a get_authToken call. Maybe now I can actually get started on my freaking project. >:|